About Us

WE're Tom and Michele!
It's obvious that we're writing this bio, so it should just be in first person.  Fact is is that it sounds so much better in third person, so that's what we're going with. ​

Michele is kind of a big deal in the quilting world known as The Pieceful Quilter.   With 25 years of experience and many national awards for her quilts, she wrote a book, has been published over 50 times in various magazines and teaches and lectures all over the country and in Canada.  She also designs fabrics for Northcott Silk (a quilt fabric company based out of Canada).  It's safe to say that Michele will produce a high quality piece that you will adore.  Besides all of this, she is on her 29th year of teaching 4th grade.

Tom is a retired high school special education science teacher.  He taught (kind of) alongside Michele in the same district, until the two united and got married in 2010.  Tom retired June, 2017.  He's an amazingly patient and kind man.

This business venture was started by accident.  Michele was asked to make a custom "Crown Royal" quilt (picture to the right)....something she never does.  The money seemed nice and she was between gigs, so why not?  Michele and Tom worked together on this project, with Tom designing, cutting and ironing and Michele sewing.  ​

Then Tom's dad asked them to make a tee-shirt quilt with his Elks' Club shirts.  They enjoyed the other project so much, why not join forces and make another?  Then a friend asked them to make a quilt with their running shirts.  After these projects were complete, they knew they wanted to make more of these quilts.  They loved seeing how happy the people were seeing all of their shirts in a great quilt.  And bottom line, they were a great team and this was something they could do together wherever they are!

Besides working together in their studio, Tom and Michele love spending time at their house in Myrtle Beach.  While there, they love walking and reading on the beach, bike riding and, of course, golf!

They're also head over heels in love with their newest addition to the McColligan house, Stella Blue.  She was thrown from a car while pregnant, but now enjoys a life of leisure and lots of sleeping.   She's unbelievably adorable and is obsessed with Tom. 

If you want to see more of what Michele has done in the quilting industry, go to:
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