The Process
How to get started

The Shirts

Gather all of the shirts you would like to have featured.  We can use fronts and backs.  You just have to be clear about this when you sent them or we pick them up.  We can work with any kind of clothing (tech tees, etc.) , so don't feel limited.  You need to have at least 9 images for a quilt.  Go to Size Options & Pricing   to see the various layouts and the costs of each.  If you have something else in mind, we definitely can do it. 

Please wash the shirts prior to getting them to us.  Please don't use any fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Tom does an amazing job of placement, and you will get a picture of that placement for your approval prior to making the quilt.  If you have something else in mind, however, be sure to give us a quick sketch of your thoughts.

If you're local, we'll either pick them up, or you can drop them off, or we can meet! 

If not, you ship us the shirts.  Go to Shipping Your Shirts for instructions.


There are a lot of options when figuring out what kind of quilt you want.  We have a whole separate page for this.  Go to Size Options and Pricing to see the exact sizes of what you'll get and how much it will cost. Just like anything, the more you want, the more it's going to cost. Sashing looks nice, but it's basically twice the work, so it costs more.  Here are quilts with the options we offer (you can also see a variety in our Gallery ).  Again, if there is something custom that you want, we can work together on a design and a price. 
Dress Shirts
Sashing,  Border, Cornerstones and Photo
Just Shirts
Border Only
Sashing Only
Sashing and Border
If you choose to add a border or sashing, we can discuss the color of fabric you would like.  I use dark grey a lot because the shirts are usually so varied in color, and it ties them together.  If there is a color theme of your shirts, we can work together to choose a color that best complements them.

I only use Northcott's ColorWorks.  It's a high quality solid color 100% cotton material.

To Batt or not to Batt?

We back our quilts with high quality anti-pill fleece.  It's really plush and thick - like a good fleece blanket.  If you would like an added level of warmth and plush, you can get all cotton batting in between the quilt top and the fleece.  We use a lower loft batting, so it won't make the quilt super thick. Basically, it will make the quilt more warm and heavy.  It's a personal preference.  It is extra (see Size Options & Pricing ), but not too much so.  It's anywhere from $ 5.00 - $ 30.00 depending on the size. 

Fleece Backing

Just like we stated above, we back our quilts with a high quality anti-pill fleece.  We find that navy blue, dark gray or black is best.  If you don't agree, we will provide you with other options! 

Still have questions?

You can go to Size Options & Pricing or FAQ and maybe you'll get your question answered there.  If not, email us directly or fill out the contact form to the right!

You will hear back from us within 24 hours.